Driven by curiosity to discover flavors you can’t imagine, high-end private chef Daniel de la Falaise shares his philosophy of food. We discuss the voluptuous essays and recipes in Daniel’s book Nature’s Larder: Cooking with the Senses, what makes him so passionate about produce, the pivotal role memory plays in eating, and the importance of cultivating relationships with the people who grow your food.

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Passionate about Produce:

Celebrating Vitality through Flavor:

Finding Flavors Such as You Can Not Imagine:

Make Friends Discovering Produce:

Daniel’s prose packs a punch you might expect from Lawrence Durrell more than you would a cookbook. Well, this is ain’t your average cookbook. Not only does Daniel craft beauty by choosing his verbal and photographic images as adroitly as he selects the soil his ingredients are grown in, NaturesLarder_Coverwith Nature’s Larder he has created a space for inquisitive cooks to cultivate their curiosity to the extreme.

A typical “recipe” may delve at great length into the fascinating provenance of a featured ingredient. Daniel will then offer a list of seasonings and, instead of prescribing which or how much to use, ask provocative questions to fire up your own culinary genius: “Are you making this dish for kids, a lover, your mother-in-law? Season accordingly!” All in the name of removing anything that stands in the way of exquisite flavor.

If you have even the slightest epicurean streak, you’ll delight in this interview and you’ll relish reading Nature’s Larder. Treat yourself to both today!

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