You won’t find the love of your life by sitting on your couch, says A Little Nudge founder Erika Ettin. Instead, she suggests creating an online dating profile that reflects the true you. Erika has the data and the skills to back this up.

In this interview, you’ll learn:

  • That the first step to successful dating is being emotionally ready
  • That we all have quirks and need to let them shine
  • Why dating requires actual time and energy
  • The importance of highlighting specifics about who you are
  • How to show off without sounding conceited
  • Why introductory messages need to be short
  • How apps like Tinder have changed the dating game
  • That real-life experience is far more important than what’s on paper

Listen to this interview now
Show off What You’ve Got:

Data-Driven Dating:

Real-Life Presence Beats Profile Savvy:

Be Emotionally Ready and Let Your Quirks Shine:

Buy Erika’s book Love at First Site.

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