No one should face the end of life alone. When Amy Levine first learned of the Doula Program to Accompany & Comfort, which ensures that people in New York City who don’t have family or friends don’t face the end of life alone, it was the most decent work she had ever heard of. Now its executive director, Amy discusses the Doula Program’s evolution and offers thoughtful advice on how we can behave in the face of terminal illness.

In this interview, you’ll learn:

  • Why Doula Program volunteers make a difference with their very presence
  • How we can cultivate the ability to not shut down conversation
  • What we can do to be responsible for our own emotions and be close to others

Listen to this interview now
No One Facing the End of Life Alone:

Doing the Most Decent Work Possible:

Cultivating the Ability to Not Shut Down Conversation:

Noting Fear and Being Close:

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