An agricultural economist, Andrea, leaves her job at UN’s World Food Program in Rome. She packs up her bags and her husband and moves to León, Nicaragua intent on learning Spanish and founding an agricultural business. Before she knows it, our entrepreneur is running the high-end Twin Engines Coffee company. Twin Engines educates Nicaraguans on the many ways they can add value to a commodity that they were accustomed to shipping out of their country while producing dreamy-good coffees.

An environmental activist, Christy, with a keen eye for photography is bristling for a bigger part on the world stage than her DC-based role affords. While launching Beyond the Ceiling, a podcast about women who are making their own way in life, she lands a job based in Amsterdam that leads her to travel around the globe as a major gifts fundraiser for a world-renowned organization.

What do these impressive women have in common? Apart from a penchant for shaping the world in their own image, Andrea and Christy share being two of the many visionary women K Street Coaching® has had the privilege to support as they fulfill their boldest intentions.

Listen as Christy interviews Andrea about her path, with a special focus on taking the entrepreneurial plunge. “Since this interview,” says Christy, “Andrea has been quite the mentor for me. She’s so open and candid about the challenges and opportunities, and for that I’m truly grateful.”