From very early, we are taught to see the world in certain ways. And one of the first ways that we’re taught to see the world is through either/or. ‘Either the stove is hot or the stove is cold. And I touch it or I don’t touch it.’ That it is possible to expand our thinking into understanding the world as also being made up of both/and scenarios, and simply holding that at the front of our mind, is the best place to start

— Brian Emerson

We’ve all faced problems that won’t go away. The worst part is when we do everything in our power to correct course and then just create a whole new slew of problems. Problems like these are not uncommon. But there’s a really good chance they’re not even problems; they might be polarities. In this episode I speak to Brian Emerson, who with Kelly Lewis, has published the book Navigating Polarities to help us identify and nimbly find our way through polarities.