Gideon believes that embracing curiosity is essential to creating the world we want. Life today is accelerating at a ferocious clip. The stability, predictability, and certainty that we may have taken for granted is falling away. The more tightly we cling to a fleeting world order we once knew, the more fluidly it seems to slip through our fingers. Stepping back and taking in the impact of the volatility that greets us at every turn can take our breaths away. Rising to the occasion of life in a rapidly evolving world, and our exceedingly demanding roles in it, leaves us with no choice but to grow and change.

Gideon Culman
“Gideon is great to work with because he’s easy to relate to, an interesting, kind guy with a great sense of humor – but he never lets that get in the way of saying what needs to be said. And sometimes what needs to be said is nothing. In this kind of work, the silences can be as important and powerful as anything else, and Gideon has the confidence and understanding to let those silences stand, allowing what’s important and powerful to emerge from it.”                       — Advertising Executive

This is why K Street Coaching® exists. Gideon supports senior leaders to pause, breathe, adopt new perspectives, consider deeper questions, and take better actions.

Gideon holds masters degrees in Eastern Classics and Liberal Arts from St. John’s College. He likes to wander outside right before dawn and well up with awe as the sun casts long shadows and paints the District around him bold shades of daybreak. Previously an international development professional, Gideon refocused on attention on developing individuals’ lives in 2012, for many years traveling to Kuala Lumpur and New York City to train others coaches. Parenting two boisterous children with his wife, coaxing refractory leafy greens out of his community garden soil, and losing himself in stories from all points across the globe provide Gideon with lenses through which to see how we can bring ourselves most fully to our lives. Gideon holds each conversation he records for his podcast Where Genius Grows as a brilliant tile in an expanding mosaic that sheds light on the complexity and interconnectedness of our world.

International Coaching Federation, Master Certified Coach, 2020
Cultivating Leadership, Growth Edge Coaching Certified, 2020
The Leadership Circle, Leadership Circle 360 Certified, 2018
The Leadership Circle, Collective Leadership Certified, 2018
Hogan Assessments, Hogan Certified, 2017
International Coaching Federation, Professional Certified Coach, 2014
Accomplishment Coaching, Certified Coach, 2014

Accomplishment Coaching, Coaches Training Program, 2012
St. John’s College, M.A. Eastern Classics, 2005
St. John’s College, M.A. Liberal Arts, 2004
College of the Atlantic, B.A., 2002