This is #NotNormal

A tide of emerging technology is forcing us to change our relationship to the world around us, from work, to culture, the people we care most deeply about, and ourselves. In short, it’s disrupting our social norms. On October 24th, 2017, K Street Coaching and WeWork K Street hosted #NotNormal, a live panel in which experts… Read More

Countering Genocide Denial — Interview

“This goes for every genocide that’s happened: There really is no grey area. And we have to stand up for what is right and not feel uncomfortable to do so; don’t feel uncomfortable to perhaps even offend someone. You have to stand up for what is right and you’re not doing anything wrong. It shouldn’t make… Read More

Reclaiming Your People’s Story — Interview

Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman is the Kurdistan Regional Government Representative to the United States of America. In this interview we talk about, how throughout living memory, the Kurdish story has been told by people other than the Kurds. We discuss the many ways this has been changing since 2003. Listen to this interview now:… Read More

Using Your Privilege to Advocate for Others — Interview

Mohamed Abubakr is the president of the African Middle Eastern Leadership Project. As modern life chips away at the distances between countries, Mohamed sees grassroots activists from Africa and the Middle East as the people best equipped to inform U.S. engagement within their countries. His work with the African Middle Eastern Leadership Project is to connect… Read More

Creating a New Global Wine Route — Interview

Peter Weltman is an activist sommelier with a vision for borderless wine. In pursuit of this vision, Peter challenges us to venture outside of traditional wine regions, discover less known viticultural gems, and spend our money on wines whose production makes the world a better place. Listen to the interview now: Sign up to… Read More