Adding Injury to Insult — Interview

Online harassment degrades and can violently suppress our freedom of expression. When we equate online abuse with bullying, we miss its complex and dynamic underpinnings. Soraya Chemaly (@schemaly) is the director of the Women’s Media Center Speech Project. In this interview Soraya illustrates how online abuse, particularly of girls and women, mirrors age-old antisocial behavior that occurs offline.… Read More

Tailoring the Emperor’s New Clothes — Interview

What does a satirist do? What is the satirist’s role in society? Alexandra Petri (@petridishes) is a Washington Post humor columnist. In this interview Alexandra addresses the terrifying convergence of her desire to write dystopian futures with her job of covering the actual news. What’s a political satirist to do when it’s impossible to come… Read More

Recoding the American Economy — Interview

At the beginning of 2017 there are over 500,000 unfilled tech jobs in the United States. How will applicants learn the required skills to succeed in these jobs? How will employers avoid overlooking qualified candidates? How will applicants from underserved communities gain access to the training they need to compete for these jobs? Tess Posner… Read More

How to Fight Back against Threats to Social Security — Interview

What role does Social Security Insurance play in holding together the fabric of society? How does it benefit children and the disabled? Why is it constantly under attack on Capitol Hill? Discussing these questions in this episode is Alex Lawson (@alaw202). Alex is the director of Social Security Works, an organization dedicated to protecting and improving… Read More

A Brief History of Bitcoin — Interview

By now we’ve all heard of Bitcoin, but what is it and how does it work? How is cyber currency changing the way we conduct financial transactions? Jesse Posner (@JessePosner) is a securities lawyer turned programmer. In this interview provides a primer on cyber currency, covering both its great promise and tremendous pitfalls. Listen to… Read More