International Trade Commissioner

K Street Coaching® helped me separate how I think I should be feeling about a particular issue and put me in touch with how I actually feel about it. This gave me a higher sense of security about my own thoughts — that they’re real and valid.

Co-Founder, Twin Engine Coffee Company

Before Twin Engine Coffee began in 2013, another project began. Sitting in my office in Rome, Italy, a few years prior, I had a great job as an agricultural economist. I earned a Ph.D. from an excellent university.

Advertising Executive

I grew up with coaches that got in your face and yelled. Gideon Culman isn’t that kind of coach. He’s smarter than that – he’s not there to tell you what to do, he’s there to help you find what works for you.

Legal Recruiter

For me, Gideon was absolutely the right coach at the right time. I had imagined for years about changing careers, but found myself without an actual plan or deadline for making it happen, and I felt stuck.

Corporate Lawyer

I started working with Gideon because I was unhappy as a corporate lawyer and wanted to build a career as a writer. In the beginning, I thought that Gideon’s role would be simply this: to help me set career and creative goals and to make me stick to them.

Tech Manager

I came to Gideon looking for coaching because I was ready to start using my life to accomplish my goals – but I wasn’t sure what they were, or how to figure them out, or how much I was capable of changing.