Advertising Executive, New York, New York

Gideon is great to work with because he’s easy to relate to, an interesting, kind guy with a great sense of humor – but he never lets that get in the way of saying what needs to be said. And sometimes what needs to be said is nothing.

Legal Recruiter, Washington, DC

For me, Gideon was absolutely the right coach at the right time. I had imagined for years about changing careers, but found myself without an actual plan or deadline for making it happen, and I felt stuck. Gideon supported me with the foundational work

Corporate Lawyer, Boston, Massachusetts

I felt like a failure because I wasn’t doing everything. By carefully listening and asking questions, Gideon helped me realize that (1) it was okay not to do everything, (2) if I was to achieve what I wanted, I could not continue to put the demands of others over my own needs

Tech Manager, San Francisco, California

I came to Gideon looking for coaching because I was ready to start using my life to accomplish my goals – but I wasn’t sure what they were, or how to figure them out, or how much I was capable of changing. I knew I wanted to save the world, and to be happy, but… Read More

Life Coach, West Virginia

“What do you choose?” was the powerful question that Gideon Culman asked me after hearing my bucket load  of complaints about my career, stalled weight loss projects and what I thought was an unquenchable thirst to be a visionary leader and entrepreneur. I was skeptical about whether coaching would benefit me but after one sample… Read More