Before Twin Engine Coffee began in 2013, another project began. Sitting in my office in Rome, Italy, a few years prior, I had a great job as an agricultural economist. I earned a Ph.D. from an excellent university. I advised countries all over the world in their evaluation and development of domestic food systems. For many, this was the beginning of a clear path to a ‘great career’. For me, something was missing. I wanted to be doing. But how to make that seemingly small, but ‘oh-so-risky’ leap?

I wasn’t quite sure how and that was even more frustrating for an independent, practical bootstrapper that I considered myself. At the time, Gideon was beginning his own new path as a coach. I decided to take him up on an offer of a session. I figured there would only be one, but what could it hurt?

I was wrong . . . on both fronts. There were many more sessions; a few hurt a little as we worked together to identify many of my own semi-conscious ‘blocking’ fronts that were really in my way. Today they are not gone, but with Gideon’s help exploring disempowering thought patterns and asking provocative questions I became aware of them. I can now choose how they enter my life. And I chose to take them right along with me to Nicaragua, where my husband and I started Twin Engine Coffee.