I feel incredibly lucky to have had an opportunity to take those initial steps in sharing my dreams, to be supported by K Street Coaching®, and to be really seen and valued for my vision.

The value coaching has provided has been helping me articulate not only my vision and what I’m most passionate about and how I want to be a rabbi in the world, but also helping me identify very practical ways to move toward that dream.

People ask me if coaching is worth it. Yes, it’s definitely worth it. There are a lot of pitfalls people can fall into if they just dive into creating a startup without having a plan or coaching support as they begin. It’s really easy to have unrealistic expectations for yourself, to be too hard on yourself, and to overwork yourself, because it’s a new business and so a lot of people with startups burn out.

If you share your initial idea with someone, it’s really easy to be bombarded with questions about how you’re going to make money or be told, “Don’t you know that X number of startups fail?”

Whether it’s realistically building a timeline, or honing the programmatic offerings, or identifying and seeing what is standing in my way, coaching has helped me with all of these things.

When people ask me what I do now, the response is excitement and understanding of the need for a new kind of rabbi. Others can really see how much I’ve grown and that I’m now building my business from a place of confidence and growth.

— Rabbi Sarah Tasman, Founder and CEO of the Tasman Center for Jewish Creativity