You will get something out of coaching. You will get something out of it either personally or professionally. And for me those things are one and the same. I’ve become better in both worlds because of K Street Coaching®.

I’ve worked in the wine business for my entire career. But within the wine business I started asking bigger questions and wondering, “Is wine even important? Does it matter?” And not just with respect to the wine industry but in consideration of the world’s most complex questions and global problems. Wine does exist all over the world.

When I started asking these questions of myself and my industry, I found that I wasn’t getting any answers or any real dialogue, because mine was a pretty radical way to approach wine. I needed somebody — an advocate outside my industry — to help me start speaking in a global way and verbalizing the potential that I saw in wine to work through and across these more complex global questions.

At some point we reach inflection points — not just in the world with our ideas, but within ourselves. There’s the old, easy thing to say: “A true strong person knows how to ask for help.” And definitely in your network should be people who have different experiences and backgrounds. I’ve done that. So when I reach a point where I don’t know the next step I can ask a variety of people so it’s not just somewhere along group-think.

I knew I had something bigger to say. Wine had been and still continues to be my largest knowledge base. I saw kernels of where these two big things, my deep-seated knowledge of wine and my desire to participate in a bigger questioning of the world, could come together.

But I didn’t know a) if there was an audience to listen to it, b) if I had the confidence in myself to say these things, and C) if I could even take what was in my brain and put it out in the world. With K Street Coaching® and Gideon’s ability to just assimilate an avalanche of professional knowledge I had in wine, it helped me bring together everything I was struggling to articulate. I don’t know if I would have been able to do it without him.

There is such power to having a super-trained professional move me to a place maybe I didn’t even know I was going — someone who helps me to push myself further, reframe thoughts that seem crazy and out-there into the tangible, strong, and important ideas of Borderless Wine that resonate with a broader audience, and build a strong following through my work.

The hardest part is taking the first step and understanding the ‘why’: Why what I’m doing is important and why I might need an outside person. With Gideon and K Street Coaching® you get an advocate, and even better than that, an accomplice, somebody ready to walk next to you. What I’ve learned is that all of the things that I’ve arrived to were already with me. But Gideon got me there.