K Street Coaching® has been kind of a godsend to me, not to over-exaggerate it. I left a structured environment where I was at a very major law firm and I joined a small practice. Working with Gideon has helped me feel like I have a life raft in a very turbulent sea of my new life.

There are many days when we’re not even meeting and I think back to our first meeting and we put on the board, ‘What are my strategic goals? What’s my planning to get to them?’ and that calms me down when I am at my wit’s end.

In my mind I should already have a million dollars. I’m two months in, I should just have this done. I’ve found that the ability to sit with Gideon — and as he often says he’s not the guru, he does not have all the answers — helps get me to my own answers. I find that immensely helpful.

I recommend K Street Coaching® to anybody out there who feels like they could use some support and some direction and really somebody to check in with. If nothing else, to say, “Here’s where I’m at, here’s where I wanna go. Let’s think about how I’m going to get there and help keep me on track.” Gideon is amazing at that and I’d recommend him to anybody.