“What do you choose?” was the powerful question that Gideon Culman asked me after hearing my bucket load  of complaints about my career, stalled weight loss projects and what I thought was an unquenchable thirst to be a visionary leader and entrepreneur.

I was skeptical about whether coaching would benefit me but after one sample coaching session with Gideon I was hooked enough to explore it.  The unease of living life small no longer let me rest and Gideon’s ability to cut through the excuses I used to constantly stop me from creating the life I wanted, was invaluable.

With Gideon’s support I was able to exceed my goal of losing weight and with focused action and velocity. I also created my dream businesses as a life coach, motivational speaker and radio show host.  I became the visionary leader I knew I was meant to be and live life without apology.

I’m grateful a trusted friend referred me to Gideon. Hiring him was one of the best decisions that I made. The benefits of his coaching expertise continue to pay dividends  every day and in all corners of my life. I am forever grateful.