Time is fleeting. At some point, you want to be coming home at the end of the day and saying, “I nailed it. I killed it. I did it.” You want to lessen the times that you’re coming and saying “I’m still learning from my failures,” or “I’m still in this development mode.”

There’s value to those things of course, but at some point someone says, “Okay, that’s great. You’ve had a lot of trial and errors. That’s great for you, that’s very brave of you. Now position yourself in a way that you know you can so that you can start achieving, so that you can start being more successful.” And there is no substitute to having a coach for that.

What I find that we don’t have enough of in this city is someone that we can go to when we are in crisis, when we know that we need improvement, when we know that, were it for just one more level of understanding of ourselves, that we could actually be successful.

So first of all, I would highly recommend that people seek coaching. People often look for therapists, there’s prayer for these things of course. I understand that those things are important. But I think if you’re really looking for someone and something that is going to effect forward improvement, that is going to really focus on your performance goals, then to me there is no substitute for coaching.

And when you have a firm like K Street Coaching® that really understands the necessity of that professionally, the game is already half-won for you, because you’re now in the hands of somebody who knows what they’re doing and really knows how to get you where you’re going — really knows how to get you where you’re going.

There’s something about the way that K Street Coaching® made me consider my own identity and how things worked for me that helped me tease out an approach to decision-making that works for me. Just like I know that there are approaches to decision-making that work for other people, this was just something that I thought was impossible to find for myself.

I didn’t have any success in anyone else helping me to tease that out. But K Street Coaching did do that for me. It really has made a great difference in my ability to seize opportunities, to make day-to-day decisions very confidently, very effectively. And so those are the things that affect our bottom line, where time is our commodity.

The advice that I have for people who are on the fence about reaching out to K Street Coaching® is: Don’t waste another moment of time when you could be performing at your very best.