“Oh, the vision thing.”
— George H.W. Bush

Leaders lead. What sets the boldest leaders apart is a keen sense of who they are and where they’re going. Their ability to paint the future in lucid brushstrokes, doggedly pursue their vision, and navigate past pitfalls that life reliably throws their way is what fills us with admiration for them.

But what about the people who want to lead, and already have everything they need to lead except for vision? As a coach who works with visionaries and those who wish they were, I find this question key. And simple.

Consider: It’s Thursday afternoon and Jennifer craves French onion soup and duck confit for dinner. She barely knows how to make pasta. So Jennifer makes reservations at an exquisite restaurant and enjoys a mouthwatering meal that she remembers for years.

Or: Six months after a well deserved promotion, Jeff is ready to stop letting his high-stress job get in the way of having a clean apartment. It’s a mess and it’s screwing up his dating life. Jeff hires a weekly housekeeping service and, without giving it any more thought, goes about life reaping all the benefits of clean living quarters.

Having vision works the same way. If you’re not skilled at coming up with your own vision to follow, it makes no sense to condemn yourself to a life without one. Just as easily as you might go to a restaurant or hire a housekeeper, you can work with someone qualified to help you tap into your own creative genius and articulate the vision you’ve been waiting to express.

Whom do you know who is letting a lack vision hold them back? What would they be doing if their vision were clear? Please leave a message in the comments below!


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